Schedule Optimization

1. Consider your real production

In the early years of the project you will find many concerns and the most value in terms of NPV. Knowing that, we decide to consider a 10-year surface to optimize the first 5 years. By a logical assumption, as the surface used corresponds to a decade, it will contain the interval from the 1st to 5th period and represents a lot more mass. However, this simple input can restrict the space where the algorithm has to find a solution, which could reduce the run-time and help it to deliver better results respecting the set of constraints given.


    • Timeframe: Years (1).

      • Processing capacity: 10 Mt per year.

      • Total movement: 40 Mt per year.

      • Maximum of 4,500 processing hours per year.

      • Vertical rate of advance as 150m per year.

    • Minimum Mining (50 m) and Bottom(100 m) width.

    • Restrict Mining Surface: Surface002 from Exploratory Analysis.

    • Grade copper until 0.7%.

    • Stockpiling parameters on.

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