MiningMath as a Plugin

What if MiningMath had that feature?

Many of our users are always reporting and giving their suggestions and we really appreciate any contribution in this direction. More than that, we are open to bring you closer to our development and to discuss the importance of any suggestion within our pipeline. Partnerships can also arise from such suggestions in which we will prioritize your demands in exchange to your support.

Overall, MiningMath has been designed to be a plugin and this is basically the reason by which we have postponed many facilities during our first years of development. Being a plugin, MiningMath can be embedded/integrated to any mining package, from which we could take advantage of their already built tools that make the experience more user-friendly. As a consequence, we have focused in our algorithm, which is our product itself and as it brings innovation to the mining field.

We have ongoing conversations, and software companies are seeing value in what we do. Integrations are also possible through scripting. Clients of MiningMath today will be able to migrate to any future platform available without having to pay extra to MiningMath.