MiningMath Home Page

  1. The home page

MiningMath’s home page provides the user a dynamic and complete outlook of your projects. It is possible to start a project, open a scenario and explore decision trees, activate a new license, visit recent projects and check basic information about each project and create scenario descriptions

Figure 1 shows the main screen in its initial state.

Figure 2 highlights the Actions Panel where the user can:

Figure 3 shows the Recent Projects list that allows the user to quickly navigate through recent projects and scenarios without opening them from their original folders. It also provides a quick overview of it on “Decision Trees”, as will be shown next. Clicking with the right button on the project name, the user will have 4 options:

  • New scenario: "Scenario config" window will open allowing you to decide in which decision tree to place the new scenario, its name, and a description for it. Afterward, is going to be directed to set it up in the scenario tab.

  • Show in explorer: This option takes to the directory containing the folder with the project.

  • Remove from list: Excludes the referred project from the Recent Projects list.

  • Delete project: Deletes the project and the scenarios from it.

Figure 4 highlights the Decision Trees panel where all the scenarios and decision trees of your project are available. A world of possibilities is open here. Let’s explore it in parts.

The Decision trees tab allows access to all paths involved in the project, providing a broad view of the project enhancing the decision-making process. It’s possible to:

  • Add new trees by clicking on “+”

  • Rename a tree by double-clicking its name

  • Clicking with the right button, the user may add a new scenario, rename or delete this tree.

Figure 5 shows the scenario’s table, where is available all decision trees’ scenarios with key information about them, such as name and description to easily identify its characteristics, NPV on M$, runtime, and a direct link to the sheet containing all the results of the scenarios, which are available after the scenario’s execution.

Getting into more details, some hidden options are available to the user when clicking with the right button on the scenario’s name: open, view model, rename, show in explorer, delete, and the possibility to transfer it between decision trees. The scenario description can be easily edited with a double click.

Figure 6 shows the options “Open”, which guides to the scenario’s configuration, and “View”, which leads to the MiningMath’s Viewer.

Figure 7 highlights the Model panel and the basic data information of the selected project. The option “Edit” leads to MiningMath’s internal calculator.