1. Understand your issue

MiningMath always ready to assist you in the best way possible. To do so, understand the issue you are facing so that we can properly help you. πŸ˜‰

Red Warnings

Red fields and texts on MiningMath are a way of warning the user, whether on mandatory fields that are not being filled properly or even to warn a possible problem.


Exceptions are messages that might appear and interrupt the execution of MiningMath. In general, they are not clear yet but will be helpful to our development team to identify which part of the algorithm is causing the problem.


Usually, crashes come along with a brief message saying it stopped responding and needs to be closed. The most probable way of solving it is by reproducing the error in here. Thus, send us as much information as you can, since it is the most difficult case to debug.

Before moving to the next step, be sure that you have already tried to find your solution at the COMMON ISSUES page.

2. Recommendations for Reporting

Typically, we will ask some questions to understand what is happening. Find below the list with some tips on how to report everything as clear as possible.

    1. Identify red warnings, exceptions, and any message that appears on your screen and take note of it to your detailed report.

    2. Which version are you are using?

    3. When did it happen? In which step or percentage of the execution?

    4. How did your error happen?

By having all this information you are ready to report your bug properly.