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About MiningMath

In 2010, MiningMath was conceived as a consulting firm from the union of multidisciplinary professionals to provide services and solve complex challenges within the mining industry. The expertise held by the associates in the areas of mining engineering, geology, applied mathematics, data science, and optimization culminated in the consolidation of MiningMath’s Technology, previously known as SimSched, a pioneering platform oriented to Strategy Optimization in mining. Read about our current versions.

MiningMath integrates the business’ areas and allows managers to improve their decision-making process by structuring their strategic analysis through multiple decision trees with a more global and optimized view of their projects, comprising constraints from different areas of the company. These results could be achieved by integrating MiningMath within their workflow and extracting the best of each mining package in order to enhance the decision-making process. Among these achievements, this approach has been awarded in Russia, while being applied to a multi-mine project in Chile, and it has been well-accept academically for addressing socio-environmental aspects in an unique manner. Read more about academic research.

The Direct Block Scheduling technology, maximizes NPV taking into account all aspects simultaneously within the math model, which means a global optimization of the entire mining system. The main drawback of products based on LG or Pseudoflow is that the sequence of nested pits always moves through the same regions; therefore, the resulting pushbacks will be quite similar, no matter how complex your scenarios are, and you might be losing billions in opportunities. The one-step optimization of MiningMath is crucial to take the most out of the solution space for a mining project and takes into account the interdependence of constraints altered across multiple teams. This flexibility means each project assumption changed can be immediately combined with the consequent changes in project assumptions from other areas of the company. Therefore, you can combine the set of constraints of your project and reduce the traditional mine planning approach into a single and optimized step.

Figure 1: Traditional scheduling process.