License Issues

License Error: It's not possible to find license directory (-3001).

The error -3001 is already known and we are currently working on it. In short, it happens because MiningMath is not able to create the license folder and/or create the license file within the proper local.

Option 1

  • Close MiningMath

  • Open them again and re-activate your license.

Option 2

  • Go to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Appdata\Local.

  • There, you'll need to create a folder named "MiningMath Software" (without quotes).

  • Then, you'll need to create another one (inside it) named "MiningMath" (without quotes).

  • Activate MiningMath again.

  • In case you already have these folders set up, proceed with Option 3.

Option 3

  • Press Windows Key + R.

  • Type cmd, then press enter.

  • Copy the following text setx miningmath_LICENSE "%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\MiningMath\MiningMath" (with quotes).

  • On the cmd, click the right button of your mouse, then click on paste and, finally, press enter.

  • Close MiningMath, then reopen them.

  • Activate MiningMath again.