Model Screen

  1. The main screen

The main screen of MiningMath allows the user to take different paths where one can: import & export a model, open a scenario, activate a new license, visit recent projects and check basic information about each project and scenario.

Figure 1 shows the main screen in its raw state.

Figure 2 highlights the Actions Panel where the user can:

Figure 3 shows the Recent Projects list that allows the user quickly navigate through recent scenarios without opening them from their original folders.

For scenarios not visible on Recent Projects, the user needs to click on Open Scenario (Figure 2), locate the scenario folder and select the .SSSCN file.

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Figure 4 highlights the Model panel and the basic data information of the selected scenario (description) and project.

Figure 5 shows other options available:

    • The Open button will open the selected scenario.

    • The View Model button will open the correspondent model on the viewer.

    • The More button will show the metadata giving more details about the imported fields of the selected data set.

Figure 6 shows the metadata panel for the selected project.